Sunday, Oct. 2 -LORD’S SUPPER - PM

Monday, Oct. 3 -CCKC meets at Park Café 8 AM

Tuesday, Oct. 4 - Ladies Bible Study AM and PM. Call for more details.

Sunday, Oct. 9 -Ted and Becky Fletchall missionaries to Germany speaking

Monday, Oct. 10 -FOOD PANTRY

Thursday, Oct. 13 -7:00 PM Ladies Missionary Fellowship

Saturday, Oct. 15 -Father-Son Banquet

Tuesday, Oct. 18 - Ladies Bible Study AM and PM. Call for more details.

Saturday, Oct. 22 -Church WORK DAY!

Sunday, Oct. 23 -"Christmas in October" missionary offering

11:45 AM – LET’S Eat Together! 1 PM – Afternoon Service


Nov. 17 - UGCS Elementary Fall Program and HS Fall Formal/Activity

Dec. 17 - UGCS High School Christmas Concert 6:30PM



Thank you for visiting our site. Discover more about Union Grove Baptist Church as you explore or get the information you need for upcoming events and outreach ministries. As you explore, you'll find what make us unique among all the possible choices, and ways you can get in touch with us if you need more information or to make a personal connection. We always love having people come into our facilities and see for themselves what we are doing here. We know some people may find visiting a new church a little intimidating at first, but just remember that all of us faced that uncertainty at one time or another.

You will be welcomed and not smothered, and will appreciate the warm, friendly atmosphere. If you have children, they will be offered safe, age- appropriate, and well-staffed place to enjoy other children their ages. Check out our site and we hope you will stop in for a visit soon!


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Thus will I magnify myself, and sanctify myself; and I will be known in the eyes of many nations, and they shall know that I am the Lord.


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