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IMG_1728-concentrateExcellence in all things, and all things to the glory of God!  This is our focus in the Fine Arts department at Union Grove Christian School of Union Grove, Wisconsin. Here at Union Grove Christian School, we we feel that having a well rounded education is important. That is why we offer classes in Art, Chorus and Drama, in addition to our Academic Excellence. The Union Grove Christian School Fine Arts Department exists to glorify God through the discipleship of Fine Arts students and the pursuit of excellence in arts education with the Bible as the foundation and Jesus Christ as our focus.

Union Grove Christian School’s Fine Arts Program begins in the early childhood years with general art and music education and continues to the middle school and high school grades with more involved and specialized programs. We believe that we honor the Lord as we strive for a high level of performance using the gifts He has given. Alongside our goal of developing artistic skill in our students, is the goal of helping students understand how they can use those gifts for the greater glory of God. We want students to recognize that their abilities are indeed a gift from above as it says in James 1:17, and that those gifts will be best used when they are offered back to the Lord with gratitude. We invite you to explore the wide variety of Fine Arts opportunities that Union Grove Christian School offers all students from Kindergarten to 12th Grade!

Drama Presentations

Union Grove Christian School DramaStudents will study a Christian approach to theatrical arts, participate in drama sketches both serious and humorous, and learn to use the theatrical arts to share the gospel and glorify God. Students will learn stage directions, creating and developing a believable character and emotional responses using dialogue and physical movement, and study technical aspects such as set design, costuming and lighting. Also, by creating good work habits, time management skills, poise in front of people and cooperative learning experiences, the student is better prepared to establish a career in any field of endeavor.  Above all, it is our ultimate desire to train young people to glorify God through excellence in the arts whether it is through participation or appreciation.  We believe that the arts are an epicenter of influence in our culture today and Christians need to be leading the way in creativity and excellence. Our high school students produce an annual performance that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Visual Arts

434_3005146Visual Art classes offer opportunities to grow in imaginative, creative, and critical thinking skills. Students learn about art throughout history and across cultures. They also make informed judgments about artworks and discuss biblical views of beauty and the nature of art. Students develop their practice of art­-making in skill, expression, and originality with a wide variety of mediums and subject matter in both traditional and innovative techniques. Our art faculty is fully committed to helping all students discover the joy of creative expression, regardless of their perceived ability or initial confidence.

Choral Music

Union Grove Christian School ChoirThe purpose of choral music at UGCS is to guide students to pursue musical excellence with the gifts and talents God has given them so that they may glorify God and share the Good News of Jesus through the choral arts. Students of all experience levels are welcome to join. Students will gain a basic understanding of music notation, time signatures, proper vocal support and diction, musical genres and styles, and song form, as well as performance etiquette and musical independence.

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