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Today’s society is a consumer driven society.  We have shelves stocked full of variations of the same product, and marketing drives us to seek one brand over another.  Then we come to church, and we have options with varieties of churches on almost every corner.


Our goal is not to convince you that we have the better product or the bigger flash.  We will never bribe you into coming to our church.  What you will begin to discover is that we are dedicated to basically four objectives.  It is those four objectives that make us who we are as a church.





Worship is our starting point.  We want to teach and practice a worship of God that is not about being louder or being in a contest for a visual arts award.  We want you to know who and what we adore.  We worship the Creator God, the Eternal God, the Only God.

UnionGroveBC-Logo-DiscipleshipDiscipleship is next in our hearts.  Discipleship is not as familiar a word today.  Disciples are people who follow the teachings and practices of someone else.  You and I are disciples of some philosophy or another, whether we realize it or not.  We choose our answers for life’s toughest challenges based upon who we are listening to and who we want to believe has the best answer.  For Union Grove Baptist Church, we want to help one another understand that God’s way is the best way and that His Word, the Bible, truly has all the answers for life we will ever need.  Our worship of Him as our God leads us to love Him and want to follow the principles He gives us for living a meaningful and productive life.

UnionGroveBC-Logo-FellowshipFellowship flows out of sincere discipleship.  Church is a community.  It is a family.  It is a group of people that love the same objectives and seek to pursue the same goals.  Sure, we are all different and, like any family, there are a few of us that would be considered “unique.”  However, because of our mutual love for Christ, we love what Christ loves – one another and the people around us.  We are not perfect at it and we show our humanity way too often; but in the end, what makes Union Grove Baptist Church a unique place is the people that love spending time with each other, helping one another reach and influence our community.

UnionGroveBC-Logo-EvangelismEvangelism would be the next priority of our church. What does it mean toevangelize?  It means to reveal what you believe and share what you have experienced.  It is an activity coming from a person who is not content sitting on that news, but will want to share that reality with as many people as he or she can tell.  It is just the church being open in their faith and hope for a better future with God one day in a place that He has prepared for all who will accept His Son’s death in their place.  Jesus is the real reason why we come here each week.  Jesus saved us from our sin, the bad stuff we have done and said.  God is real and our lives are to be a living proof of the ability He has to change us and make us different from the temporary existence we all endure while on this planet.  God wants to have a relationship with us for eternity, and that is what He offered us through offering His Son to take our punishment for the sin we have done.

This is just a brief description of the things you will hear in our services, in our songs, and in our conversations.  As we study the Bible, you will see we enjoy each other’s company and try to live our lives with a purpose, on purpose.

Come see Union Grove Baptist Church for yourself

No matter where you are in a relationship with the God that made you, you can leave with some opportunity to get to know more about Him.


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