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History of Union Grove Baptist Church 1869-today Union Grove, WI

The history of Union Grove Baptist Church can be traced to the year 1869 when missionary workers from Raymond Baptist Church began to minister in our community. The new converts were added to the Raymond church. Among these first workers were Rev. L. Peterson, the Pastor of the Raymond church and N. Jorgensen.


In the spring of 1875, the Baptists living in and around Union Grove purchased the lot on East Eleventh Avenue and at once began to build. The church was dedicated Dec. 25, 1875. The same day, thirty members withdrew from the Raymond church and were organized as The Baptist Church of Union Grove.


Charter members of our church were: Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Jacobsen, Christian Jacobsen, Mrs. Karen Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Nelson, Jens Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. Mads Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. James P. Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. A.N. Winter, Mr. and Mrs. Jorgen Rasmussen, Mr. and Mrs. Severin Christensen, Miss Maren Jorgensen, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Olson, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jasperson, Mrs. Annie Johansen, Miss Kirsten Johansen, Jorgen Knudsen, Peter Larson, Miss Marie P. Christensen, Miss Karen Andersen.


The present church building was dedicated on September 27, 1965, the new parsonage in 1968, and the education wing in 1974. The most recent addition completed in 1993 included an overflow and fellowship area and enlarged foyer.


Some of the Pastors who have served our church are; Rev. Ole Jenson, Rev. H.P. Dam, Rev. Jorgan Hanson, Rev. Christ Rasmussen, and H.P. Jasperson. Others served the church up to 1892, when Rev. C.F. Hanson was called as Pastor.


Rev. Hanson was followed by Rev. C.H. Bolwig, Rev. J.P. Nelson, Rev. C.P. Olson, Rev. A.B. Hanson, Rev. Jacob Anderson, Rev. Christ Peterson, Rev, A. Swenson, Rev. Tiffen, Rev. C.H. Wilcox and Rev. James R. Axtell until 1943. Following Rev. Axtell in 1943.


The following Pastors have served: Rev. Walter Friche, Rev. W. Kurt Wohlert, Rev. Henry Foss, Rev. Donald Wise, Rev. E. Keith Moore, Rev. Jerry Foster, Rev. Thomas Bauder, Rev. James Maxwell, Rev. George E. Schlagel and Rev. Adam Love to the present.

In 1971 the church established the position of Christian Education Director.  The title was later changed to Pastor of  Youth Ministries. Serving in this ministry have been: Pastor Norman Kaddatz, Pastor Jack Miller, Pastor Chris Tjapkes, Pastor Steve Weber, Pastor Joe Osborne, Pastor Brian Schmidt, Pastor Neil Wiggins, Pastor Steve Doctor and Pastor Chuck Edmonds through 2005.


A Christian School ministry was begun in 1974. It began with grades K-8, and has grown to include Pre K-12. The following men have served as Principal: Rev. Terry Bachur, Rev. Marion Bell, Rev. Clarence Townsend, Pastor Don Chriss, Pastor Dan Shirk, Rev. Darryl Andrist, Pastor Scott Wright, Rev. James Elkins and Pastor Lee Morey to the present.


Paster James Maxell - Sr Pastor 1983

Paster James Maxell – Sr Pastor at Union Grove Baptist Church, 1983

Pastor Mel Stadt - Visitation Pastor 1983

Pastor Mel Stadt – Visitation Pastor 1983

Pastor Steve Weber - Youth Pastor, 1983

Pastor Steve Weber – Youth Pastor, 1983

Pastor Clarence Townsend - 1983 Union Grove Christian School Principal

Pastor Clarence Townsend – 1983 Union Grove Christian School Principal

In 1980, the church established the position of Visitation Pastor. Serving since that time was Rev. Mel Stadt until his retirement in 2002.

Union Grove Baptist Church, Union Grove, WI

Union Grove Baptist Church – 1983

We praise the Lord for the way he has worked in our church, for the leadership of men of God and a fellowship of dedicated members.



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