How to Become a Member

happy families at Union Grove Baptist ChurchSome may ask how a person can become a member of Union Grove Baptist Church.  To become a member of UGBC carries you through a series of conversations with the leadership of the church.  The person desiring to join must be able to clearly explain his or her personal salvation testimony and have a testimony of baptism by immersion.  If either of those areas is a question mark, we ask that the individual speak with our pastor or one of our church leaders to help clarify the church’s view on these important topics.  If both of these areas are a part of your history, then we ask that you set up a time to meet with our pastor who will then listen to your testimony.

Based upon that conversation, the pastor would then recommend that you speak with our church leadership and share your story.  Once those individuals are satisfied that you truly have a clear understanding of the saving grace of God, and a testimony of baptism, then the Deacons would recommend you to the church body as a whole.  The person desiring to join would then need to share again the story of their salvation and baptism before the church family of UGBC.  The church members would then vote to accept the desire to join.  Once voted in as a member, a person shares in the privilege and responsibility as stated in our church’s constitution and statement of faith.


Getting Involved

430_4393810Union Grove Baptist Church is a church family.  We are always grateful for the help that people in our church offer to allow us to be more effective.  We have certain ministry areas that anyone who is a regular attendee of our church can fulfill.  There are some tasks that are reserved for those that are members.  Basically, anyone who seeks to make UGBC their church home can find different ways to use their talents and skills for Christ.  If you have a specific area  in which you would like to get involved, please speak with one of our church’s deacons or with our pastor.  They will know what is available and who would help get you plugged into a place to serve and participate.


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