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We have a few Bible Study Tools to help you as you learn more about God’s Word. You can listen to our most recent and archived sermons,  view a recent church bulletin for news and announcements, or enjoy some godly music throughout your day. It is our hope that these Bible tools will be a blessing to you.

*The presence of a link does not imply unqualified endorsement of the contents of the website or of other works by the author or publisher. Because all human authors are fallible, biblical discernment is essential.

Crosswalk’s Online Bible study tools

– 23 Popular Bible Commentaries!

Bakers Evangelical Dictionary of Theology

Crosswalk Bible Dictionary Tools (6 different sources)

Faith Life – Bible study and community—together. Create groups on, and get into the Word through the Faithlife Study Bible. We partner with more than 150 publishers to make more than 53,000 Bible study resources available to customers around the world.

LOGOS – The All in One Bible Study Solution. Logos is fine-tuned for serious Bible study, leading to more insights that fuel your passion for God’s Word.

– a FREE, fast and effective way to study the Bible. e-Sword is feature rich and user friendly with more capabilities than you would expect in a free software package. Includes Bible, commentaries and dictionaries, readily viewed without having to “tile windows.”

Free Bible Study Charts


Phrase Search / Concordance
Words/Phrase To Search
(e.g. Jesus faith love,
or God of my salvation,
or believe* ever*)




Enter a
Strong’s Number
e.g. 2424 Greek






Book Chapter Verse Range
All Verses
Or Start:
Show Strongs Numbers:





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